Retrospection 2020


Exactly one year passed after I wrote the retrospection of 2019. ( Feeling that time goes so fast as I look back lots of things behind. From the god damn COVID-19 to the remote work during quarantine, we got so many things to say. But, the old year (2019) is still the hardest year to me. This year would be second one as I believe myself that I have taken plenty of breaks in this year.

Though the main topics of retrospection are related to worldwide crisis, I will try not to talk about it as possible. Now it is some kinda routine issue and I want to care about personal events. In addition to, other people are already saying or sharing the contents about it. I just hope this crisis ends as soon as possible and get back into old routines.


This year, I played games most of time with Nintendo Switch. Especially, Splatoon 2 and Ring Fit Adventure were the ones that I liked. Splatoon 2 is not such a fresh game (released at 2017/07/21), so it was hard to enjoy multi-play contents due to other players much more skillful than me. But, its single-play contents were quite good and well structured. Therefore, I also purchased a DLC for another single-play contents. I played Splatoon 2 about 100 hours and am pleased with the game quality. The game is not kinda “GOD GAME” thing, but I am sure it has worth to play at least once. For me, an enthusiast of FPS game, unusual concepts of this game looks nice.

I really like the Ring Fit Adventure. It has been so difficult to exercise funny that I used to stop exercising several times. You know, even such a strong will sustains less than few weeks or months. But, I am still keeping exercising for more than 6 months with the game. Thanks to its gamification, I seldom lost interest on exercising and sometimes got motive, too. I played Ring Fit Adventure about 150 hours and am pleased with the game quality. I am sure I can recommend this game if you have Nintendo Switch. And there may be only this option in these days as fitness clubs closed. Home training is not optional but required.

Oh, I almost forgot it. I played the game 3000th Duel, too. It is a game released at PC(Steam) and Nintendo Switch. The game is said as one of Metroidvania things, because of its contents and mood. It was not easy one but there was the balance between feeling fulfilled and bearing hardship. I played 3000th Duel about 40 hours including DLC part. Though It does not have an easy mode option such as Just Enjoy The Story difficulty, you can go easy or hard depends on how much you spent time at farming. It is up to you. Though there were several times that I screamed (lol) for anger, it helped me to get used to manipulating Nintendo Switch controller.


Some old people may know about Touhou Project. It is one of vertically scrolled shooting games such as Strikers 1945. The game was popular on 90s and 00s for its unique worldview, which lead to numerous numbers of derivative works created by users. Some works are still created in these days although it is become less popular than before. But, almost every one is aimed for English or Japanese version not the Korean.

Fortunately, Touhou Spell Bubble has recently started to support Korean version. It was first released at 2020/02/06, and started to support Korean version from 2020/10/15. Despite of many concerns, I was happy to see the game supports Korean. (You might know, Korean market is not actually attractive.) So I was willing to visit the cafe when the game is promoted. We ordered every menu once and pictured them.

I remember that I mentioned the laboratory in previous retrospection. (Maybe because I did my best in lab) The professor of lab suggested me to give a lecture, whose content is about C language. I accepted the suggestion without hesitation, and wrote some slideshows. The lecture is in the first-year curriculum, however, I wanted to deal with real application of C language. Why ? Every student in 2020 may have a doubt on studying C language. Because there are already many programming languages that looks awesome and easy such as Python or Javascript.

So I focused on “Why We Study C Language” and “How C Language Is Used” for resolving the doubts. I prepared the contents like Explaining “Why C Language Can Manipulate Memory” with assembly codes, showing “How C Language Is Used In Real Project” with Linux kernel codes. People rarely say about them. Time has passed, we do not use C language for all purposes. I thought now we should consider to focus what only C can do when we teach C language to students.


Already one year passed from join the PUBG. Exactly 1.5 year ? I am now familiar to my work, and even got the sub role additionally. We had an anniversary cake with people who joined PUBG in the same time, too. Work is not easy going, but we try to do boost each other and overcome it. I wish I can go with the people as many as can also even one year passed again. It is sad that now we cannot get together in offline due to the crisis. We had often got together once per 1~2 months, and had a dinner. I already miss that times.

Starting remote work, I found some pros and cons. Remote work seems not the silver bullet one in every situation. Of course, there are common topics on remote work regardless of job. But, some topics are unique ones only existing on game developer job. I can show cons below:

Common Topics

  • chores that did not exist when you commute to office
    (ex: cooking, managing workplace)
  • hardness to know about work mood
    (ex: are they excited ? are they angry ?)
  • irregular work time with personal circumstances
    (ex: family with kids)

Extra Topics (for game developer job)

  • heavy traffic due to massive volume of program
    (it is painful at home network to upload or download programs when compared with office network)
  • laggy remote screen sharing
    (game developer should usually run the client program, while it is okay other developers use only console prompt)
  • poor response time on input or output
    (when the game is kind of real time game…)

Play Station 5 has been released in recent. Sony planned to celebrate the event with partner companies, and collected the picture of members. I sent the picture above, and you can find it on the site too. It is something monumental and memorable. Sony did good job. I was glad to develop on PS5. :)


This year, I leave some regrets that I should have done more things. I should have met more people and read books. But…the lethargy from the crisis, everyone may have felt this. I cannot assert it did not affect me. People around me seems sometimes sad and depressed, too. What was worse, we end up this year as bad situation with high amount of patients. It is hard to believe next year would be better.

Somebody said, “The World Never Be The Same”. At first of this year, I did not agree the words. Because I could not imagine the new world. But…we going to the new world anyway, and it seems we must adapt. Even this year is said the most terrible one, I think we should remember it. To look back to stop this tragedy. We gotta be worry about how to adapt new world and how to live next year, based on new rules.